We are delighted to tell you more about our 200/300-hr Vinyasa
Flow teacher- training program.

Vinyasa Flow with Jess in Washington, DC is a style that merges the asanas of classical hatha yoga, the fluid motion of Indian classical dance and martial arts, the teachings of ayurveda, the precepts of Buddhist philosophy and the wisdom of many other influences. Now in its tenth cycle, Jess’ training is one of the longest-running and best-known advanced programs in Washington. Former participants are teaching at the majority of DC-area studios, as well as in many other places well beyond the District’s limits. The approach to learning is at once embodied, creative and synthesizing, and is especially suited to the self-motivated and emotionally mature practitioner who is interested in expanding progressively upon what he or she already knows. Above all, Jess and the other program staff and assistants (all of whom are program alum) aim to provide our trainees with a deep reservoir of understanding that can be applied to the vast spectrum of human experience. Please Note: This program will be assisted by the dedicated and experienced alumna, Megan Stalder.

Jessica Lazar

Our dynamic approach to the art of living and embodying yoga is supported by the 270 contact hours with our skilled faculty, and by independent-study work over the course of the program. Your study of vinyasa flow will be both practical and contemplative, bringing you into the rhythm of your life as a householder and a teacher. We seek to guide practitioners toward balance and integration: of the ancient roots and modern methodology of yoga with the teacher’s freedom to discover an evolutionary path of study and practice.

Our program is the only 300-hr training in the DC metro  area that provides …

  • In-depth discussion and application of all aspects of the practice
  • Weekend intensives with Jess and other senior teachers
  • No additional travel or lodging expenses- this training is all-inclusive and based in Washington, DC
  • Option for remote learning integrated with a vibrant in person learning experience

We are open to yoga students with at least six months of active study in asana-based yoga practices. If you have not completed a 200-hr but would like to participate in our training, please contact PranaFlowDC@gmail.com​ for more information (training may be completed for 200-hr credit, on a case-by-case basis)


  • Please take time to submit thoughtful responses.
  • We will be in touch within two weeks to inform you of your admittance to the program.


The overall price of the training is $4600. We have a number of payment plans available.


A $108 discount is available to anyone paying in full by October 1st. Total amount due that date is $4,492.

2. Biannual payment plan

  • $2,300 due October 1st
  • $2,300 due Febuary 1st

3. Quarterly payment plan

  • $1,150 due October 1st
  • $1,150 due Febuary 1st
  • $1,150 due April 1st
  • $1,150 due June 1st

4. Monthly payment plan

  • $575 due October 1st
  • $575 due November 1st
  • $575 due December 1st
  • $575 due January 1st
  • $575 due Febuary 1st
  • $575 due March 1st
  • $575 due April 1st
  • $575 due May 1st
  • 16-19 November 2023, Introduction and Overview: This weekend will provide a broadstrokes introduction to the year of study that this training comprises. We’ll review materials, texts, practica and requirements, and will get to know one another through practice, workshop and dialogue.
  • 14-17 December 2023, Sequencing I: This is the first of two modules focused on the art of sequencing vinyasa yoga and the structure that underpins it.
  • 18-21 January 2024, Sequencing II: This is the second of two modules focused on the art of sequencing vinyasa yoga and the structure that underpins it.
  • 22-25 February 2024, Meditation and Poetic Somatics with Jess: Learn to move gently and sit in stillness in order to receive rest, create rejuvenation, and discovered clarity of mind. Additionally, Jess will lead us through writing prompts designed to spark creative impulse and broaden self-awareness.
  • 7-10 March 2024, Anatomy and Self-Care with Jess and Adam Jonath: Join Jess and Adam for a look under the hood designed to help you develop the eyes, ears and hands you need to skillfully support bodies in motion.
  • 21-24 March 2024, Advanced Hands-On Assisting with Jess: The art of touch requires practice, and that’s what we’ll do plenty of during this fun and essential module.
  • 11-14 April 2024, Ayurveda and Jyotish with Jess and Brendan Feeley (www.bpfeeley.com): This will be an exciting opportunity to study with a true master of the art and science of wellness and sky-reading - two of the twin practices of yoga asana.
  • 25-28 April 2024, Teaching Restorative and Therapeutic Practice: Jess will break down the subtle calibration of sequences, cues and assists for classes that center healing.
  • 16-19 May 2024, The Path of the Teacher - Seat and Voice: How a teacher carries themselves while speaking, cueing and moving through shapes is critical to their ability to convey the essence of the practice. Included in this module will be time spent examining how to build a useful canon of playlists in different genres.
  • 30 May - 2 June 2024, Final Grad Presentations: We celebrate each other and all we’ve learned in final presentations.
  • 13 - 20 July 2024: Optional Retreat in Tuscany with Jess and Adam (See the Retreats tab for all the info on this upcoming adventure)!

All ten weekend immersions follow this format unless otherwise noted: Thursday Zoom (7-9 pm); Friday in-person at Flow Yoga Center (6:30-8:30 pm); Saturday (11:30 am - 6 pm); Sunday (11 am - 6 pm)

In addition, trainees will be required to practice in-studio two times weekly for the duration of the training: once with Jess Lazar and once with another teacher (NOTE: The price of classes is NOT included, in order to give participants the option to practice when, where, and with whom they please).

Full details regarding time commitments, requirements and deliverables will be shared with trainees upon acceptance.

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Photos by Emma Weiss

Photos by Emma Weiss